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Stuck In Real Life

2017-03-20 05:55:41 by Pugberto


The Pillowman Show

2007-07-24 15:12:27 by Pugberto

I decided to feature this on my Newgrounds account because I wanted to share it with you all and see what you thought of it. I find some of it funny yet some quite bad, you are your own worst critic they say but now me and my team are putting more effort into each episode by doing a long process of events to insure it's quality which has started just after episode four.

The show itself is about two men living in a bedsit in the town of Maidstone. They are under achievers and a pair of slackers, they are often battered by the landlord for not paying up there rent, due to there own incompetents. The landlord is a harsh man who rules with an iron fist and doesn't let the rent be forgotten about. There is one other man to mention who goes by the name of Buck who is a colleague of Bob and Pillowman at there work, who they sometimes talk to outside of work until Bob kills him for threatening to kill Pillowman.

The Pillowman Show